• Basic application include:
    • 10 pictures for “gallery”;
    • achievement map location (including tables layout);
    • personal logo insertion in the program;
    • server hosting of resources required for the program (XML files and adjacent resources);
    • publishing of application on App Store and Play Store.
  • Photo Menu, made by Infomedia Pro: 80 Euro + VAT / 90 min session;
  • Monthly maintenance XML files (updates): 10 Euro + VAT / month for a maximum of 2 updates per month;
  • fun educational game for children: 90 Euro + VAT (custom logo included in the program);
  • software update (new version Play Store and App Store): 60 Euro + VAT / update;
  • Program Location in English: 100 Euro + VAT (can be located in any other language – price available on request, depending on specific requirements).

  • ! If you sign the contract within 5 days you will receive a free PC version of the software, which can be used on all laptops and desktop computers with Windows! You can distribute to your current and future clients FREE of charge.