Specific benefits


  • the opportunity to become known through a modern marketing tool – online advertising for most widespread gadgets of the hour (smartphones, iPods and tablets);
  • the  program will be available for free for both existing and potential customers;
  • it contains contacts, which facilitates telephone bookings;
  • it shows pictures of the restaurant, including table layouts and the ability to call and reserve a certain table;
  • it addresses all – the product is adaptable to any age group (the program contains a module that works as an educational tool for children between 3 and 8 years);
  • the application provides children with an instructive- educational concern, and thus, offers parents relaxing moments that they can spend in your location
  • free installing of the application on virtual stores (App Store and Play Store);
  • the possibility of special offers;
  • the retaining of existing customers;
  • increased retention of existing customers and attracting new customers;
  • integration with social networks: Facebook and Twitter;
  • Quick access to the latest news about your products, map location and special offers.