Interactiv software

We create…
The highest quality custom software solutions for our clients.

We build…
Innovative solutions using the best technological components.

We launch…
Successful custom designed solutions for the global community.

  • We create localized software products in any language, with the possible adaptation of background sounds, on customer demand, for a better alignment with the target clientele. The customer may be granted exclusive distributional rights on various regional markets.
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  • We makepersonalized educational software and games in order to obtain a product that is dedicated to a company; a product which, outside its informative purpose, will be able to attend to the customer’s marketing goals. Across the country distribution of the custom product can be provided either by the client, or through our own distribution network.
  • We produce educational software on demand, starting from either the customer’s specific requests in obtaining a product with a certain educational characteristic, or a product created entirely by Infomedia Pro (which includes concept, scenarios and development). In case of the latter category, through our specialists who are fully involved in the entire software creation process, we guarantee that the product will reach the educational purpose for which it was created.
  • We make interactive software for the most diverse types of institutions and purposes:
    • Museums
    • Art collections
    • Information booths
    • Tourist attractions
    • Educational

    Types of applications:

    • Informative applications dedicated to promoting products and services (including medical, notary, real estate agencies, travel agencies etc
    • Interactive Applications for launching new products and services, promotions
    • Branding Applications (personal or organizational)
    • E-book Applications (electronic books, magazines, catalogs, etc.)
    • Custom Applications for newspapers and magazines
    • Business Applications that can be used for informational purposes to promote events: shows, congresses, conferences, workshops etc.
    • Interactive applications that can be used only by client devices in the brokerage type events, fairs, exhibitions, product launches
    • Informative Applications and educational presentations for public and private institutions, professional associations, NGOs, information campaigns and public education etc.
    • Entertainment Applications, games