Digital textbooks

The digital textbook is a new and modern educational tool that efficiently creates new learning opportunities. For our digitally native children, who have grown up surrounded by educational programs, it will be a joy to continue using during primary school, both in class and at home, these new learning resources.

Over 60 digital textbooks produced under the new school curriculum.

We’re proud with creation a considerable number of digital multimedia books for the most important names in the world of book publishing books from Romania.

We create digital textbooks – as a service for publishing houses!

The offer is on request. Prices depend on the specific conditions of each contract and the number of contracted textbooks.

Infomedia Pro – 5 winning textbooks inca de la prima licitatie (2014) de manuale digitale desfasurata de Ministerul Educatiei din Romania!

“Our digital textbooks are top quality! Out of 6 CNEE approved textbooks for each lot, our textbooks are places I and II. “

We have placed and will continue placing our 18 years of experience in the field into the creation of these digital textbooks. Manualele au fost elaborate de colective de specialisti, apreciate in consecinta si de Centrul Național de Evaluare și Examinare.