Project Management

Project management services

Our company offers personalized management services of projects for all 5 phases of a project:

  • initiation
  • planning
  • implementation (execution)
  • monitoring and control
  • project closure

Initiation, projecting, planning, implementation, monitoring, control and closing of the project on time are important phases in the life cycle of any project. Specialists may astutely organize each step leading to the success of the entire project, which means correct budget allocation and within the contractually established framing, ensuring the compliance of the result with customer requirements.

Amongst the main attributes of the project managers:

  • Defines and implements proposals referring to the success of the project
  • Takes full responsibility for implementation under the signing of a consultancy contract
  • Assists the performance of work
  • Prompt solving of any application nonconformities
  • Timeliness of delivery and commissioning
  • Supervises project implementation, regardless of complexity
  • Provides training that helps gain knowledge and understanding of the system
  • Provides access to the latest news from the field

We have a rich experience of project management: from small-scale projects for small firms, to millions worth of project budgets, projects that were conducted over a long period (3 years +), European projects, POSDRU projects, etc.