Mission, vision and values

TheInfomedia Pro collective aims to measure results through customer approval, showing a continuing concern for multiplying the range of the products we offer and in terms of improving our products.

Vision: To be the No. 1 option for each child or parent who offers the possibility of using these educational toys century we live in: educational software.

Our mission itself is: quality education through play. We want all children to make thousands of exercises and problems using PitiClic products, and at the end of a work session to say “we played”! Just so our purpose and mission are met: when the children will perceive work as a play and learn in this way: playing.

Infomedia Pro has remained true to its founding principle, to make quality products that comply with rigorous curricula and guidelines given by specialists in education and will continue in the same spirit, improving continuously its products.

Basic values for Infomedia Pro:

  • Promoting Romanian educational values;
  • Creativity and imagination;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Respect for others;
  • Experience & Knowledge – ensuring product quality and new product development, superior quality through experience;
  • Passion & Pride – nthusiasm, pride, determination, responsibility and passion for their brands means that quality products appeal to all users and partners;
  • Care(for people and goods) – motivating employees, developing products with high educational content, selecting the best experts, suppliers, partners, active involvement in society and promoting a balanced lifestyle, developing educational programs and environmental protection are the main concerns of the company;
  • Innovation – modern company, looking for new ideas to improve programs and applications, having the courage to evolve by promoting and implementing innovative and creative solutions through investment in people, research and development.

We know that without knowledge, without passion and without depth, there can be no progress. And without constant attention to detail and perfection, there can be no distinction.